New Series: Tuesdays with Isaiah

Several years ago, I started a new approach to my daily Bible reading.  While I had read through the Bible numerous times, I felt I had only skimmed the surface on three major books in the Old Testament:  Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Isaiah. 

These three books can be rather intimidating due to their size (Jeremiah—52 chapters; Ezekiel—48 chapters; Isaiah—66 chapters).  They also can seem daunting because of their scope; each book blends prophetic calls for the present with a prophetic vision of the future.

But sensing there was much to discover about God and His will for His people, I charted a study course.  In January of 2014, I began studying through Jeremiah, spending one week in each chapter.  This process fit neatly into a year-long project (Jeremiah has 52 chapters!). 

Each week I focused on understanding the historical context of the chapter and drawing out lessons about God and ministry.

In 2018, I spent most of the year working through Ezekiel and its 48 chapters.

In 2020 and half of 2021, my focus was on Isaiah (its 66 chapters took longer than a calendar year).

In each case, my life and ministry were deeply enriched and impacted.  I grew to know God’s heart and His ways on a deeper, more personal, basis.  I learned lessons from these three prophets about faithful ministry in challenging times.

In previous blog posts, I have shared the findings of my learnings from Jeremiah and Ezekiel.  Starting next Tuesday, I plan to begin posting what I learned from my 66 weeks in Isaiah.

As before, each post will summarize the content of one chapter and then highlight life-giving lessons about God (“Behold Your God”) and what it means to live and serve HIm faithfully (“Here Am I”).   My prayer is that you will find these posts helpful in understanding and applying the message of Isaiah.  If you’ve had a desire to know this book in a deeper way, I invite you to take advantage of this new series, Tuesdays with Isaiah (beginning September 6).

Here is helpful overview of Isaiah’s message:

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