Reaching the World Course with Rick and Linda

Every two years, Linda and I team up to teach a course called: Reaching the World: Local, National, and Global Evangelism

This four-day course is designed to inspire and equip Christians to be actively engaged in God’s global mission–beginning right where they live.

This course involves four days of instruction (Oct 7-8, Nov 19, and Dec 10) and also includes online interaction. Students will learn from veteran leaders in the areas of evangelism and mission. Drs. Rick and Linda Reed will also present lessons learned from a lifetime of neighbourhood and church-based outreach. If you want to be better equipped to take your part in God’s mission and if you desire to motivate other believers to join you, this course is for you.

This course is offered both on campus and online. So, you can take part whether you live near the school or far from it.

If you have a desire to be more engaged in local and global missions, we’d love to have you in the course.

You can take this course for college or seminary credit or as an audit (at a reduced fee).

For more information, contact Robin Antoine at or apply here.

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