Our Heritage Courses

Both Rick and Linda serve as professors at Heritage College and Seminary.  Here is a sample of some of their courses.

Ministry Courses at Heritage College and Seminary:

Fall 2020

Reaching the World: Local, National and Global Evangelism (taught by Drs. Rick and Linda Reed)

Dates: The course will be offer online October 16-17 and November 13-14 from 9:00 to 4:30.

Overview: This course will present a variety of ways you can be more faithfully and fruitfully engaged in reaching people around you with the good news of Christ, how you can help your church to have a greater evangelistic impact, and how you can be part of God’s work across Canada and around the globe. In addition to learning from the Reeds, you will hear from Christian leaders across Canada and the world. Your heart will be stretched and strengthened for your role as a witness for Christ Jesus.

For more information, contact Linda at lreed@heritagecs.edu or apply for audit or credit here.

TESOL: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
(taught by Dr. Linda Reed)

Dates: This course will be offered online, Tuesday evenings, 6:30 – 9:15, beginning September 15th

Overview: Teaching English to new Canadians or around the world is a great privilege. With Canada’s increasingly international population there are many open doors to teach English to both meet needs and share the good news. In order to equip ESL teachers, this course provides an overview of phonetics (pronunciation), grammar (the structure of English), classroom dynamics, creative resources and activities, assessment, and lesson planning while being involved in a weekly practicum. The instructors are certified TESOL teachers, linguists, and regular practitioners of TESOL in local churches and community contexts.

For more information, contact Linda at lreed@heritagecs.edu or apply for audit or credit here.

Noticeably Better Preaching (taught by Dr. Rick Reed)

Dates: Flexible; self-paced.

Overview: The Noticeably Better Preaching course is designed to assist preachers and teachers to make noticeable improvement in their preaching and teaching ministry. The course consists of 10 training videos with extensive session notes for each video. In addition, students receive a sermon feedback matrix that helps them get meaningful input from others.  There’s even the option of having one of our online preaching assistants provide customized comments on student sermons for a modest, additional cost.

For more information email nbp@heritagecs.edu or sign up for the course here.

Winter 2021

Women Teaching God’s Word (taught by Drs. Linda and Rick Reed)

Grow and embrace God’s call for women to teach women (Titus 2) in ways that are biblically faithful and culturally relevant. We encourage passionate teaching from the heart and to the heart of women.

This course is taught by Dr. Linda Reed and Dr. Rick Reed.

The course blends a combination of in-class and online experiences.

Dates:  TBD

For more information, contact Linda at lreed@heritagecs.edu or apply here.

Spring 2021

Developing Life Changing Bible Study Curriculum
(taught by Dr. Linda Reed)

In Class teaching dates:  TBD

For more information, contact Linda at lreed@heritagecs.edu or apply for audit or credit here.

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