Praise and Prayer Update (September 2, 2022)

Labour Day is not a day of rest at Heritage College and Seminary.

On Monday, September 5, a wave of new and returning college students will move into the residence halls. Our student leaders will be ready to help these students feel welcomed and get settled. After a BBQ lunch on the lawn, we’ll gather in the chapel for a Dedication Service. This is a meaningful time when faculty, students, and parents commit the coming year to the Lord.

After several days of orientation, classes begin on Thursday, September 8th. We are anticipating a wonderful year of training men and women to serve Christ, His Church, and His global mission. Our mission is to help Christians major in the Word of God so they can help churches make a world of difference.

Here are some requests I’d ask you to remember as you pray for us.

Student Leaders. Last week I asked you to pray for the Student Leaders who arrived for a week of training. I’m quite impressed with the attitude and eagerness I see in these young men and women. Praise the Lord for the high calibre students He is sending us. Pray that these student leaders will have a powerful, positive impact on the rest of the students at Heritage.

New Students and their Families. For many families, bringing their son or daughter to start at Heritage creates a blend of anticipation and anxiety. How will their son or daughter do living away from home? How will they handle the academic challenges? Please pray for our new students to make new friends and get off to a good start. Pray as well for parents who have to adjust to an empty bedroom at home.

Physical and Spiritual Protection. Once again this year, we will need God’s protection on our students, faculty and staff. Ask the Lord to keep our campus healthy–both physically and spiritually. Pray that He will be our strength and shield (Psalm 28:7-9).

Thank you for praying for these important matters. You’re prayer support is a great encouragement to me!

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