Tuesdays with Ezekiel

The Old Testament book of Ezekiel is rather unfamiliar terrain for many Christians.

But that needs to change.

After all, in the writing of Ezekiel we are given a vision of God that is unmatched in the Old Testament. If you suffer from a diminished, down-sized view of God, reading Ezekiel will help right-size your perspective. What’s more, if you desire to serve the Lord faithfully in difficult days, you will be challenged and comforted as you watch Ezekiel carry out his ministry as a “watchman” for God’s people.

Why not spend 2021 journeying through the book of Ezekiel and being shaped by its message? Each Tuesday, I plan to post reflections on a chapter from the book of Ezekiel. I’ll provide a brief summary of the chapter and then highlight lessons we can learn about God (“Visions of God”) and faithful ministry (“Words to Watchmen”).

If you are up for this 48-week journey through Ezekiel, I’d encourage you to visit this site each Tuesday. You’ll get the most from the study if you read through the highlighted chapter before reading my reflections.

To launch this year-long study of Ezekiel, here’s a helpful seven-minute overview of the first 33 chapters of book. Next Tuesday, I’ll post reflections on chapter 1.

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