Tuesdays with Jeremiah

TuesdaysOver twenty years ago, Mitch Albom’s book, Tuesdays with Morrie, was published.  The book, which became a New York Times Best-Seller, was based on conversations Mitch had with a professor from his university days–Morrie Schwartz.  After hearing that Schwartz had been diagnosed with ALS, Albom made an effort to spend time with his former professor and glean wisdom from him.  They met over the course of fourteen Tuesdays.  The book is based on those conversations.

Several years ago, I spent a year, not with a professor but with a prophet–the Old Testament prophet Jeremiah.  Each morning I read from Jeremiah’s book seeking to gain God’s wisdom through His inspired words.  Since there are 52 chapters in the book, I devoted one week to each chapter, writing down my summary of the chapter and key insights gained during the week.

JeremiahThough I had read the book of Jeremiah before, I had never spent time studying it or reflecting on its message. Far from being just a historical record of the past, I was deeply moved by the storyline and central message of the book.  More than that, Jeremiah helped me to gain a deeper knowledge of God and His will for His people.

Prompted by the encouragement of my wife, I hope to publish (on this blog) what I learned from my year with Jeremiah.  Each week (on Tuesday), I plan to post insights from one chapter of Jeremiah’s book.  I’d encourage you not only to read my summary reflections, but to read the chapter in Jeremiah on which they are based.  Let’s spend Tuesdays with Jeremiah.

Here’s a 7 minute summary of the book you will find helpful!


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