Praise and Prayer Update (April 8, 2022)

Linda and I were talking this morning about how much we’ve enjoyed the students in our courses this year. God continues to send us a group of stellar men and women to train for His service. They are hungry and humble, eager to learn and teachable. They’ve shown a desire to serve the Lord in churches and in our neighbouring community. We consider it a great honour and privilege to be part of God’s working in their lives.

Here are some notes of praise and requests for prayer that we’d ask you to remember as you pray for Heritage.


For the students (college and seminary) God sends to be trained at Heritage.

For our recent safe travels to a Preaching Conference in Oklahoma (I’ll write more about this at a later date)

For an excellent Ministry Leadership Day conference at Heritage.


That God would grant Heritage students strength and diligence to complete their final exams and term papers.

That God would direct students to summer jobs and summer ministries.

That God would give us joyful, Christ-honouring graduation celebrations at the end of April.

That God would direct more students to study and prepare at Heritage in the Fall. If you know of someone who should consider a year or more at Heritage, please point them our way. The school’s website can be found at

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