Heritage in One Sentence

If I had to tell you, in one sentence, what Heritage is all about, here’s what I would say:

Heritage helps Christians major in the word of God
so they can help churches make a world of difference.

That one sentence tells you what we do—we help Christians major in God’s Word.  It also tells why we do it—so they can help churches impact God’s world for Christ.

Even in the midst of the challenges brought on by COVID, we’ve stayed focused on this mission.  We’ve continued to equip men and women through our college and seminary courses, our chapel services, through church internships, and community outreach. 

By God’s grace, we will graduate over 60 students this year.  Some will be pastors; some will be cross-cultural missionaries.  Others will be key ministry leaders while holding marketplace jobs.  Each of them has invested time and energy in studying the Word of God.  Now we send them out to serve Christ, His Church, and His global mission.

Would you pray for our students as they finish this semester? This is crunch time when papers are due and exams are looming. Heritage students have to work hard and dig deep into God’s Word. But we don’t apologize for being rigorous in our courses. Afterall, we are preparing them to help churches make a world of difference.

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