New Video Course for Preachers and Teachers

It’s a joy to announce the release of a new video course for those involved in preaching and teaching God’s Word.

The Noticeably Better Preaching Course is designed to help preachers and teachers get noticeably better as communicators of God’s Word.

The title of the course comes from 1 Timothy 4:15 where Paul encourages Timothy (a young pastor/preacher) to work hard at his preaching and teaching “so that all may see your progress.”

Paul wanted Timothy to get noticeably better as a preacher. I believe the Lord wants that for each of us who teach HIs Word.

The course consists of ten videos that focus on five essentials of excellent biblical preaching: Content, Clarity, Interest, Gospel and Delivery.

The course is offered through Heritage College and Seminary. It can be taken as an audit course or for seminary credit (for those wanting to pursue formal theological training).

I’d appreciate your help in getting the word out about this training resource. Pass the news on to preachers and teachers you know.

More information and registration instructions can be found on this website (here) and on Heritage’s website (

Here’s the trailer for the course.

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