Noticeably Better Preaching Course

Noticeably Better Preaching: A Video Course

Heritage Seminary offers a video course designed to help preachers get noticeably better in five key areas:

Noticeably Better in Content  (keeping your content richly biblical, making sure the main message of your sermon equals the main message of the text)
Noticeably Better in Clarity  (preaching in a way so people so that people can follow you as you work your way through a passage of Scripture)
Noticeably Better in Interest  (Gaining and sustaining interest from start to finish)
Noticeably Better in the Gospel  (presenting the good news of the gospel starting from whatever passage you are preaching)
Noticeably Better in Delivery  (using the full range of your God-given personality to preach with believable passion)

The material included has been field tested in our preaching courses at Heritage College and Seminary.  Those who’ve taken the course have made measurable, noticeable progress in their preaching.

The course consists of 10 training videos with extensive session notes for each video. In addition, we’ve included a sermon feedback matrix that helps you get meaningful input from others.  There’s even the option of having one of our online preaching assistants provide customized comments on your sermons for a modest, additional cost.

The course can be taken as for credit at Heritage Seminary or as an audit basis (no seminary credit given).

For sign up for the course visit

To receive more information, email us at .

Here’s a portion of one of the videos from the course.

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