A Sermon for Men

This spring, I (Rick) was scheduled to speak at a Promise Keepers conference and at a Men’s Retreat in Spokanne, Washington. As you can imagine, when COVID-19 hit, plans changed. While the retreat had to be cancelled, I recorded one of the messages I would have spoken for the men of the church.

I’ve entitled the message, “Better Man”, borrowing the tagline from a Little Big Town song. The song tells the story of a woman who ran away from a toxic relationship with a self-centered man. As she looks back on what could have been, she says, “I still miss you and I wish you were a better man.”

I’ve long believed that everyone wins when men become better men. Marriages thrive. Families flourish. Churches grow strong. Communities become safe.

The sermon, taken from Genesis 2, highlights three biblical qualities God wants to see in every man. Near the end of the message, I insert a short video clip about Robertson McQuilkin, a man who exemplifies what a better man looks like. Whenever I watch it, I’m inspired to be that kind of man.

May God help all of us men to grow into godly, better men.

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