Join us for a Course on Local, National and Global Evangelism

This fall, Linda and I have the joy of team-teaching a course on getting out the good news of Christ–locally, nationally and globally. If you have a heart to be better equipped to play a part in what God is doing to bring people to Christ, this course will keep you moving in the right direction.

The course, entitled Reaching the World: Local, National and Global Evangelism, is offered online through Heritage Theological Seminary. The live-stream broadcasts of the course run on four days: Friday, Oct 16, Saturday, Oct 17, Friday, Nov 13 and Saturday, Nov 14.

We’re excited to be joined (virtually) by some strategic leaders who bring a life-time of fruitful experience in the area of outreach. You’ll literally hear from Christians around the world who are giving their lives to get out the gospel. You’ll gain biblical teaching and practical tools to help you point others to Christ.

The course can be taken for college or seminary credit. But it can also be taken as an audit–allowing a student to learn from the sessions without the expectation of doing all the course assignments.

If you are interested in knowing more, email us as or visit

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