Praise and Prayer Update (August 13, 2020)

Last time I wrote, Linda and were headed to Muskoka Bible Centre where I was slated to speak for the week. I asked you to pray about the impact of the sermons and for everyone’s safety. I’m grateful to report we had a wonderful week of ministry. We were very impressed with the safety protocols that MBC had put into place. It’s amazing to see how God is allowing the camp to thrive in the midst of the pandemic. The Lord graciously gave strength as I spoke on the glorious theme of Union with Christ. (I will be posting some of the messages in a new sermon podcast we are preparing to launch this fall–more on that in an upcoming post.)

I also requested prayer for our Heritage team as we make preparations for the fall semester. The past few days have been filled with lengthy meetings to finalize safety protocols for the campus. God has given Heritage a strong, united staff and faculty team. I sense He is guiding our steps as we walk into an uncharted future. We are making plans, depending on the Lord for all we hope to accomplish (James 4:13-17).

This week, Linda and I are in Ottawa where I’m slated to preach this Sunday at the Metropolitan Bible Church. As you think of us and the ministry of Heritage College and Seminary, here are some important matters to remember in prayer.

1 Please pray for me as I preach at Met on Sunday. Linda and I had the joy of serving at the Met for almost 15 years before coming to Heritage. It will be a thrill to be back at the church with so many dear friends (although it will be bittersweet to remain at a safe distance and not give handshakes and hugs). I’m preaching on “When God Turns Things Around” (Psalm 126). Ask God to empower me to speak His Word in a way that strengthens His people.

2. Next Wednesday, our staff and faculty at Heritage will gather virtually for a morning of training and encouragement. Normally, we meet in person and enjoy a family BBQ. This year, we’re meeting online. Please pray for me (Rick) as I present a vision for the coming year to our team. Pray that we would remain strong, united and effective as we seek to equip men and women for life and ministry.

3. Pray for those who are still considering taking courses this fall. While we no longer have space in the residence halls, all of the college and seminary courses are offered online. Pray that God would stir in the hearts of more people to access the excellent Bible training we offer. If you (or someone you know) are interested in taking a course this fall (for credit or audit), visit our admissions page for more info.

Thank you for continuing to pray with us and for us. It is making a BIG difference.


  1. Dear Rick and Linda.
    Thank you Rick for your stirring message on Psalm 126 – so helpful and so practical for us to remember how God turns things around!!
    You mentioned you were preparing to facilitate a course on Evangelism! I’ve felt for a long time that we in the wider church have forgotten how vital evangelism is so I’m so excited that you are doing this. Being very impressed with those in the diaspora churches for their passion for evangelism & observing how Pastor Greg’s former Korean Church is actively supporting the fruitful outreach initiatives of a local Arabic Bible Church I feel deeply that this could be God’s strategy for awakening the wider Canadian Church to do the same, witnessing a move of the Holy Spirit in bringing hundreds of immigrants to freedom in Christ (which the majority of them need)!!!
    Might I know more about the Evangelism course you are planning? When will it start? What is the cost? What is the curriculum?
    It was so great to see you.
    Judy Dancer

    1. Hi Judy! So nice to hear from you and to know you still have a heart to see people from all nations come to know Christ. I always appreciated that about you!

      As far as the evangelism course, here’s a link that gives some info on it. The course runs for four days (Friday-Sat Oct 16-17; Fri-Sat Nov 13-14). To audit the class costs around $240; however, this year I think we’ve cut the cost in half. If you are interested, I could send you a syllabus that outlines what we cover.


      Pastor Rick and Linda

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