Praise and Prayer Update (August 4, 2020)

Linda and I enjoyed a restful “staycation” in July.  We bought a pass to the Grand River Conservation Areas, making day trips to see all eleven parks. We hiked along the trails and even floated in a raft on Guelph Lake.  Today we head up to Muskoka Bible Centre where I (Rick) am schedule to speak this week.  Here are some prayer requests we’d ask you to remember when you pray for us.

  • Pray for the impact of the sermons I will be giving up at Muskoka Bible Centre.  I’m preaching a series of messages on the theme of “union with Christ.”  The biblical teaching on the believer’s union with Christ is life-changing, when we understand and embrace it.  For a helpful, practical book on the subject, I’d encourage you to get a copy of Rankin Wilbourne’s excellent book, Union with Christ.   Please also pray for safety while we are the camp; we will take precautions in light of COVID-19, but realize only the Lord can keep us truly safe.
  • Pray for Heritage as we plan for the Fall semester. This week, we have some important Zoom meetings in preparation for September.  We are planning to have a reduced number of college students in residence.  Please ask the Lord to grant us wisdom to establish and maintain wise protocols (in keeping with provincial guidelines).  While we are excited to carry on our mission of equipping men and women for life and ministry, we are aware of the complexities caused by the pandemic.  Please ask the Lord to give direction and protection.

Thank you for praying for us and with us!

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