Prayer Update September 14, 2018

great startWe’ve just wrapped up the first full week of classes at Heritage.  It’s been a joy to see so many new and returning students back on campus.  The Lord has answered our prayers by sending us another strong incoming class of students to train.

As we close the week, here are several praise and prayer items to remember.

Praise: Wonderful, Spirit-filled start to the new term.  Students are eager to learn and professors are energized to teach!  Heritage is a great place to grow in grace and the knowledge of God’s Son!

hespelerPray: On Thursday, our incoming college students walked to the village of Hespeler (about 25 minutes from campus). Heritage partners with several local churches in an outreach initiative we call “Love Hespeler.”  Our desire is to bring the love and message of Christ to the people near the school.  On Thursday, students visited the village, learned about its history, and were given a few dollars to spend at local businesses (the coffee shop and ice cream shop were favourites).  Pray that we would love the people of Hespeler and point them towards the Lord Jesus.

Pray: Please continue to pray that the Lord would enable us to demolish our debt by October 1.  (Click here to see the video message Linda and I recently recorded)

Debt Demo

THANK YOU for praying with us and for us.



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