Part of A Miracle

Last summer Linda and I recorded a brief video asking friends of Heritage to be part of a demolishing the debt at Heritage College and Seminary.  The Lord moved in wonderful ways and the debt was reduced from $2.7 million to just under $700,000.

Over the past year, donations have continued to come in to eradicate the debt.  We are now down to just over $300,000.

This October 1st, we can make a balloon payment (without penalty) on the mortgage.  Our prayer is that that Lord would allow us to see the debt completely demolished.

This whole adventure in faith has let us see God work in miraculous ways.  Linda and I recently filmed this short video inviting people to be part of a miracle–seeing Heritage College and Seminary become completely debt free for the first time in our history.

You can watch the video by clicking here.

Debt Demo

Click Here to view the Video

God is working in amazing ways at the school.  Demolishing the debt would enable us to put more resources into training men and women to serve Christ in Canada and around the world!  Thank you for partnering with Heritage through prayer and giving.

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