Prayer Update November 11

poppyOn this Remembrance Day, we gratefully remember the men and women who have fought to defend our country. As Christians, we also remember the supreme sacrifice of Christ, who laid down His life to save us when we were still his enemies (Romans 5:8-10).

I want to express my gratitude to all of you who continue to pray for us and the ministry of Heritage. Last week I highlighted three specific prayer requests—all of which were answered in wonderful ways: I had a game-changing conversation at the leaders’ meetings I attended, our students had a great week of local outreach, and Linda and I sensed God’s Spirit at work at the marriage conference we spoke at in Gorrie. Thank you for doing spiritual battle in prayer.

Here are several new requests for this coming week:

  1. preaherThe students I teach in our preaching classes are preparing and delivering their sermons in class over the next few weeks. Pray they would grow into excellent expositors of God’s Word. It’s our desire to train godly and gifted preachers to serve local congregations. This is a great need in Canada.
  1. Over the past few years, the Heritage leadership team has been prayerfully and purposefully seeking to demolish the school’s debt. We’ve seen some amazingly generous responses from a few individuals that have encouraged us. Pray for God’s favour on our ongoing efforts to demolish the debt. Eliminating this debt would free up funds for more ministry training initiatives.
  1. Linda is preparing to teach a course to equip women for ministry next week.  At the same time, she is preparing for her comprehensive exams in her doctoral studies. Both are requiring God’s grace and her diligent study. Please pray for her as she carves out time (in the midst of a busy life) to get ready for the course she teaches and the comprehensive exams which are scheduled to taken in early January.

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