Prayer Update November 18

global-village-no-longVisiting our campus yesterday for the first time today were two visitors from the far north.  This native pastor said a “thirty hours drive” fulfilled his wish to visit Heritage College and Seminary.  Hugs in the hallways were given to this couple with huge hearts for needy children.  Near this  same hallway, we prayed off a young leader headed to Bermuda tonight; his wife, also a student, is grieving as her mother loses her battle with cancer.  On the keyboards in chapel, a young man from Aruba made melody, and over the “toonie” lunch for seminarians we discussed English as a Second Language (ESL) teaching possibilities in Japan with another student.

God is blessing us with training students who are touching the globe.  Praise be to the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ!  Our lifelong dream has been to train leaders who will impact the church and the globe.  In just one day, and in little ways, we see glimpses into these realities.

Here are some prayer requests to bring to our great God and Father:

  1. Would you join us in praying for current Heritage students and interested students? We have a desire to make seminary education possible for those who otherwise could not afford it.  Would you help us train preachers for every tribe, tongue, and nation?  We’d love to equip men and women to change the working marketplace and world missions.
  1. Pray for Linda as she teaches a course Women in Ministry and Leadership today and tomorrow. Pray that this course will equip women of all generations to impact their churches, campuses, and communities in Ontario.
  1. Pray for Rick as he and the leadership team consider strategic initiatives that could expand the effectiveness and reach of the school. Ask the Lord to grant great wisdom and courage.

One last note:  Thailand is home to a few of our MK students (and staff), while Calcutta beckons an alumni couple (they leave this Saturday).  The cross calls for living sacrifices all around the globe. What sacrifices are you willing to make?  No longer does gripping the cross require planes or trains — for many of us, we simply need to cross the street to meet new.  The lyrics from Steve Green’s song, The Mission, challenges us all:

To love the Lord our God is the heartbeat of our mission
The spring from which our service overflows
Across the street or around the world the mission’s still the same:
Proclaim and live the Truth in Jesus’ name.

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