How does a $1,000 dollar cake taste?

Until last night, I don’t think I’d ever had a slice of cake cost $1,000 dollars. For one thing, I’m not a huge fan of cake (I’d much rather have pie!). For another, I can’t imagine a cake being worth that much money.

Cake 1Amazingly enough, this wasn’t the only cake that was purchased for big dollars. A cheesecake went for over $700. Linda’s chocolate-cherry cake was sold for $200.

And the people who were shelling out the big bucks were mostly students living on tight budgets. But last night these Heritage students, assisted by faculty, staff and missions representatives, pooled their money to overpay for a variety of home-made cakes at Heritage’s Cake Auction for Missions.

Each year, at the close of our Missions Conference, the students at Heritage host a cakecake 3 auction. They bake the cakes. They bid on the cakes. They buy the cakes. They devour the cakes.

All the money raised goes to support Heritage students who are headed out on missions trips this summer, especially a group of students who are part of the one-year program we call The Serve Experience. Students in this program get a year of Bible and intercultural training and then spend the summer overseas (this year in Indonesia). It’s an outstanding opportunity for spiritual growth and ministry training.

Cake 2Linda and I were part of a group that merged our funds to go big and win the bid for the vanilla cake. So how did the $1,000 vanilla cake taste? Answer: Like a missions trip to Indonesia!

If you know a young person who should consider coming to Heritage for a year of university-level courses plus an eight-week summer missions trip, encourage them to check out The Serve Experience.  More info can be found here.

We will send them on their way — with some cake!






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