The Heritage Podcast

A little over a week ago, Heritage launched a new weekly podcast.  The goal of it is to encourage and strengthen our alumni and friends by extending the preaching and teaching ministry of our faculty.

As I have the privilege of preaching at churches around Ontario, the majority of the podcasts will be sermons that I’ve preached at churches or conferences.  We’ll also sprinkle in sermons from other Heritage professors, like Dr. Dave Barker and Dr. Stan Fowler.

From time to time, we’ll add short interviews to give updates on what’s happening at Heritage.

I’m excited about the possibilities of this new initiative; it’s another way we can seek to encourage and equip Christians for life and ministry.

Here’s a link to the first broadcast; it’s a sermon I gave entitled Jailhouse Praise.  I pray it will strengthen your soul and prompt your praise—even when life has you feeling locked up and beaten down.


P.S.  The intro music for the podcast was written and recorded by several Heritage music students.

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