March Update

It’s been a while since we’ve written, so here’s an update on what we’ve been up to over the past weeks.


Women’s Blossom Conference:  In late February, Linda spoke at conference for women in Pembroke.  In spite of the fact it was cold and white outside, the conference had a spring feel.  Much prayer and planning had gone into the event, and much fruit seemed to blossom from it.

Teaching Preachers:  In early March, I taught a course for pastors entitled, “The preachPersonal Side of Expository Preaching.”  (The course was the first of five courses in a our newly launched Graduate Certificate in Biblical Preaching).  For three days, fifteen pastors from across Ontario focused on taking their preaching to the next level of effectiveness. It was a fantastic three days—tiring to my body but energizing to my soul.  When pastors make progress in their preaching, the whole church benefits!

southernSouthern Exposure: Last weekend, Linda and I made a quick trip to Southern Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky.  Not only was it nice to get out of the snow for a few days and enjoy a Chipotle’s burrito, I was able to meet with the dean of the seminary and Linda connected with leaders of the women and wives ministry.  We sensed God’s gracious guidance on the whole experience (including the timing of a flat tire—at a time when we were able to get immediate help).   Seeing another quality seminary up close is both educational and inspirational.  God is shaping my vision for the impact Heritage can have in Canada and beyond.

MynamarA quick trip to Myanmar:  Last night we visited Myanmar by traveling to Kitchener.  Linda and I were invited to be part of a national conference for Chin believers (a persecuted Christian group that came from western Myanmar).  After enjoying dinner with them and hearing some of their stories, I spoke to the group; the topic they assigned me was “Understanding the Bible Theologically.” Though language was a barrier (I had an interpreter), they were eager to learn more about understanding the God’s Word.  The whole evening felt like a preview of heaven—when believers from every tribe and tongue will join together to worship the Lord.


  1. Dear Brother in Christ, we Enjoy hearing of your travels and how God is using you both in so many ways. May he continue to bless and strengthen you in your willingness to be used by Him.

  2. Good to get your updates, Rick & Linda – thankful for your ministry, keeping you in my prayers.

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