Praise and Prayer Update (November 11, 2022)

On this Remembrance Day, we join many in remembering the sacrifice of the men and women who have served our country. The blessings and freedoms we enjoy in Canada have come at a high price. We do well to remember this.

As Christians, this is a also good day to remember the sacrifice that brought us spiritual freedom. Jesus’ sacrificial death on the cross paid the penalty for our many sins against God. Our forgiveness, though free to all of us who repent and believe, came at a high price. Again, we do well to remember this.

We also do well to make sure others hear the good news of how they can be forgiven and given new life in Christ. This week at Heritage has been our Local Outreach Week. Students have not only been challenged in our chapel services to share their faith, they’ve had opportunity to do so. I’m grateful to see a gospel passion growing on our campus! This is an answer to prayer.

Here are several prayer requests I’d ask you to remember this week:

Sunday Preaching Ministry. This Sunday, I (Rick) have the joy of preaching in church that was recently planted by two of our seminary students. The church, which meets in downtown St. Catherines, is comprised largely of young adults. Pray that the Lord will allow me to be an encouragement to them as I proclaim His Word.

Seminary Building Project. As many of you know, Heritage is in a capital campaign to raise funds to build a new home for the seminary (more info here). You may also know that building costs have skyrocketed due to supply shortages during COVID and due to rising inflation. We’ve already seen close to 14 million dollars given or pledged. However, rising costs still make it difficult to proceed. Pray for wisdom as we seek to discern the best way to keep the cost of the building in line with our budget.

Thank you for remembering to pray for us.

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