Heritage Headwaters

This January 1st marks our 10 year anniversary at Heritage College and Seminary. I still find it hard to believe that Linda and I have been serving at the school for ten years. The time has flown by!

We came here because we wanted to serve a school that was serving the Church. Heritage exists for the Church. We help Christians major in the Word of God, so they can help churches make a world of difference.

Over the past decade, we’ve had a front row seat for what the Lord is doing through the school. One of the exciting initiatives in the past few years has centred around building a new home for the seminary. Heritage Theological Seminary has doubled in size in the past decade. So building a dedicated seminary building will give it room to continue to expand.

In the brief video below you’ll hear why the seminary is so important for the health of the Church in Canada. You’ll also hear the amazing news of how far God has brought us in our capital campaign.

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