The Lifelong Impact of a Christian College

Linda and I first met in a singing group. She was an alto and I was a tenor in the Biola Chorale. Under the able direction of Lorne Wiebe, the Biola Chorale performed a wide-range of choral music on campus, in churches, and at Southern California choral festivals. The choir even toured America and traveled to Europe.

We would both say that being part of the Biola chorale was one of the more formative experiences in our lives. Mr. Wiebe taught us about worship in ways that shaped our souls. We also started a friendship with one another that, after graduation, blossomed into marriage. We went from singing solo to blending our voices and lives in a duet. We’ve been singing His song together for almost 38 years now.

All this is a reminder of the lifelong impact a Christian college can have on the lives of its students. Biola had this impact on Linda and me. We rejoice that Heritage is having a this kind of deep impact on our graduates. The combination of biblically-solid classes and Christian friendships will powerfully and positively shape our grads for a lifetime.

Last year, some of those who sang in the Biola chorale released a music video of the choir’s signature song: Spirit of God. The chorale regularly opened its concerts by singing Lorne Wiebe’s arrangement of this hymn. As a result, no matter when you were in the chorale, you knew this song well. Linda and I weren’t a part of this recording, but we enjoyed listening (and singing along).

The song is a heartfelt prayer for God’s Spirit to move in and through our lives. We pray this blessing on the Heritage 2021 graduates.

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