Thinking Biblically Series

One of my seminary professors, Dr. Howard Hendricks, used to say, “Nothing is as easy as thinking; nothing is as difficult at thinking well.”

For a Christian, thinking well means thinking biblically–lining up our thoughts and ideas with the truth in God’s Word. Last year in our Heritage chapels, I delivered a series of sermons on the theme of “Thinking Biblically.” Over the course of several months, we covered topics like:

  • Thinking Biblically about Yourself,
  • Thinking Biblically about Spiritual Struggle,
  • Thinking Biblically about Creation Care,
  • Thinking Biblically about Relational Conflict
  • Thinking Biblically about Racial Reconciliation
  • Thinking Biblically about Those Who’ve Never Heard of Christ

Starting today, the messages in this series will be released (one each Monday) on the sermon podcast we recently launched.

The first message in the series deals with Thinking Biblically about Thinking. Taken from Romans 12:1-2, this message addresses why our thinking is so important, why a transformed mind is neither easy or automatic, and how to intentionally align our thinking with God’s Word.

You can listen to today’s release (as well as previous sermons) on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

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