Prayer Update June 21, 2012

summerOn this first official day of summer, I want to give thanks to the Lord for the light and warmth of His love.  The Son is always shining.

In our last Prayer Update, I asked you to pray for several upcoming speaking opportunities.  Especially in light of the fact that we have been facing a series of ongoing health challenges.  Let me tell you how the Lord answered prayer.

I (Rick) was scheduled to speak at a Pastors’ Conference but was struggling with a chest cold that reduced my voice to a raspy whisper.  The night before the conference I could barely speak.  By God’s grace (thank you for your prayers!), I was able to give all six messages at the conference.  My voice was weak but God gave strength.  Best of all, the Lord used His Word (messages from the book of Ezekiel) to encourage and strengthen all of our hearts.

Linda was scheduled to speak at a conference in Toronto on the topic of how ESL can help us bring the love and light of Christ to new Canadians.  Sadly, she came down with the virus I had (in marriage, we share all things!).  On the night before she was to speak, she could barely talk and was fighting a fever.  Again, God graciously took away the fever and gave her enough voice to be able to speak at the conference.  God used her to equip men and women from across North America to lead outreach ESL ministries.

thanksSince those conferences, we’ve tried to rest, rehydrate and recover.  We are still not 100% but are grateful that we are on the mend.  We are also grateful for friends who pray for us.

Next Tuesday, I am to fly to Dallas to speak to some international pastors at Dallas Seminary.  Then we are scheduled for some vacation in July.

Can I ask you to pray for my training time in Dallas and also that we are able to take some deep rest in July?  We sense the Lord calling us to be STILL and rest in Him.

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