Summer Rest


This past week, I (Rick) had the joy of being in Dallas, Texas to be part of the Dallas Global Proclamation Academy.  Each summer, the Dallas GPA, headed by Dr. Ramesh Richard, brings in 25 young pastoral leaders from 25 different countries.

Dr. Ramesh Richard

For three weeks, these pastoral leaders receive training from visiting professors from various seminaries.  My part was to teach in the area of preaching, addressing some of the heart challenges preachers often face (dealing with personal ambition, internal security, soul care, and preaching in pain).  These pastors will return home and pass on what they learned in Dallas to other pastoral leaders in their home countries.

In our last Prayer Update, I asked you to pray for this unique opportunity.  Thank you for your prayers.  I sensed God’s enablement throughout the day as I taught.

After a wonderfully full season of ministry, Linda and I are going to take a time of summer rest.  I’ll take a break from posting on this blog until later in the summer.

As we come to mind, please ask the Lord to refresh us so that we can be ready for the coming school year in the fall.

May God grant you summer rest that refreshes you!

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