Where have you been?

It’s been a long time since I (Linda) wrote.  It’s been a crazy busy –but wonderful –school year.  If you had peeked into our lives you would have found me using long lost linguistic skills by teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) to new Canadians several days a week.  I’ve been brushing off my phonetics (sounds of language) and adding in gospel stories in order to train students to impact our community through teaching English.  (There’s also been a curriculum writing course that buried me deep into Scripture as I marked papers).  Either way, it was rich travel, right at home.

And between all of this, we did travel extensively.  Much like the Johnny Cash song, “I’ve been everywhere man…”  In January we flew from our family Christmas gathering on the West Coast to head to Phoenix for a school president’s gathering.  February took us to Florida (that wasn’t hard!) for ABHE accreditation gatherings.  March and April were filled with teaching.  After graduation day, we flew that evening to California to celebrate twice with the two churches we served in California.  Our home was filled with our kids when we returned, and we all had a quick round of stomach flu.  Next came accreditation gatherings at the Museum of the Bible (a great find!) in Washington, D.C.  Tomorrow is Muskoka Bible Conference for Rick to speak, with Dallas on the horizon.

All of this, though it looks amazing has often had a dizzying effect on our bodies, a skipping in-and-out relationship with our students, and a lack of rest for our souls. (Not to mention the garden weeds).  God is gracious . . . as with the seeds planted in an ALPHA group we enjoyed this winter and spring.

stillAll of this has led to a recent personal retreat weekend at a conference entitled “STILL”.  Our health, our relationships, and our spiritual lives depend on finding time to be still and know that He is still God.  We’re benefitting from “Sacred Rest.”[1]

Would you also find time to be led by still waters?” (Psalm 23:2).  Would you pray that all of us would hear His still small voice?  Would you be courageous wherever that voice calls you forward or sits us still?

And if internationals are on your heart – please join me at the ACMI conference this weekend in Toronto.  He’s still at work among the nations, and He is still at work in us.

[1]Saundra Dalton-Smith, M.D., Sacred Rest; Recover your life, Renew your energy, Restore Your Sanity, (New York:  Faith Words, 2017). 

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