New Podcast from Heritage

heritageI wanted to alert you to a brand new podcast that is being produced by the Heritage Partner Church Resource Centre.

Our passion as a school is to help local churches.  We exist for Christ and His Church.  As part of our commitment to the local church, we have launched the Heritage Partner Church Resource Centre.  Under the direction of Keith Edwards, the Centre provides training and support to pastors engaged in helping local churches move to greater internal health and external impact.

931The Centre recently launched a podcast that is focused on the important topic of church revitalization.  Keith Edwards asked me to be interviewed for the first episode.  He asked questions about the revitalization lessons I had learned as a pastor of an established church. It was a joy to talk about church revitalization–a theme that has been a key part of God’s calling on my life as a pastor.

You can listen to the podcast (and additional episodes here.

Please pass this news on to pastors you know who are leading established churches.

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