Rick and Linda’s Recommended Reads

With a name like Reed, it makes sense we’d love books. Working at Heritage, with its wonderful theological library, is the bibliophile equivalent of being given a free pass to the Mandarin buffet. So many tasty delights from which to choose.

While our first and best read this past year has been God’s Word (see the previous post), we have both benefitted from reading additional books in 2017. Here are our top picks in a variety of categories. Do your heart a favour and pick up one (or more) of these good books in 2018.bainton

Top Biography: Here I Stand, by Roland Bainton. 2017 marked the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Bainton’s captivating biography on Martin Luther’s life, teaching and ministry was a perfect way to understand more of the back story of this world-changing event. Here I Stand goes down as our favourite book for the year.

barrett 12Top Spiritual Life Book: God’s Word Alone, by Matthew Barrett. One of the five solas of the Reformation was Sola Scripture (Scripture Alone). Barrett explains what it means for Scriptures to be our final authority and why this is essential to the life of Christians and the health of the Church. In an age when God’s Word is denied or dismissed, God’s Word Alone provides soul-strengthening support for all who base their lives on God’s inspired, inerrant Word.

sandersTop Theology Book: The Deep Things of God, by Fred Sanders. You would expect a book about the Trinity to be deep, but you might not expect it to both engaging and encouraging. Sanders, who teaches at Biola University, provides a thought-provoking, heart-enriching reflection on the grandeur and greatness of our Triune God.holland

Top History Book: The Battle of Britain by James Holland. A clear, readable account of five key months in WWII (May – October 1940). The book begins with Hitler’s blitzkrieg through Europe and ends with RAF’s heroic defence of Britain. In between, Holland describes the miraculous evacuation from the shores of Dunkirk. Wiarda

Top Bible Study Book: Interpreting Gospel Narratives by Timothy Wiarda. An insightful explanation on how to accurately interpret passages from the Gospels. Perfect for anyone who preaches or teaches from Matthew, Mark, Luke or John.

gospel convTop Outreach Book: Turning Everyday Conversations into Gospel Conversations, by Jimmy Scroggins and Steve Wright. A short, practical book on how to make the Great Commission more of an everyday commission.  We are using this book with all our first year students at Heritage.  It’s our desire to see each of them grow in their confidence and competence in pointing people to Christ, beginning with everyday conversations.

crowTop Fiction Book: Jaber Crow by Wendell Berry. While neither of us read much fiction, this novel came recommended by one of our favourite musicians–Andrew Peterson. The book starts slow but gains interest as the story unfolds. Some thoughtful, probing reflections on the nature of progress, the importance of community and the meaning of love.

Happy Reading!


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