First Week!

IMG_9461Labour Day Monday was move in day at Heritage.  Just after 9:00 am, students and their families began to arrive on campus.  They were greeted by Heritage student leaders who helped unload cars and carry boxes to the residence halls.

This year’s incoming class is the largest one in years and the residence halls are filled with new and returning students.

IMG_9754At noon, everyone headed to the patio for a BBQ lunch.  In the afternoon, we held a Dedication Service in the chapel. Faculty members, student leaders, new students and families were all invited to offer prayers of dedication to the Lord, seeking His grace and strength for the coming year. It was an inspiring launch for the new school year.

After several days of orientation, classes officially began on Thursday.  The very first class the new students attended was Christian Formation.  I (Rick) serve as one of the profs for this course that aims to help students develop in the 5 key areas we emphasize at Heritage College:  1.  Learn to Know God; 2.  Lead Yourself First; 3.  Love Others Well; 4. Lift Up the Church; 5. Live on Mission. 

By God’s grace and goodness, the year is off to a great start.  Energy and expectations are running high.  Would you join me in praying that God would work powerfully in the lives of the students He has led to study at Heritage? We desire to see each one equipped for life and ministry.

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