Prayer Update January 5, 2017

Next week begins the new semester at Heritage. We’re prayerfully anticipating that God will do great things in the lives of the students who are preparing for a lifetime of service.

Here are some requests that I would ask you to remember in your prayers:

  1. Pray for a strong launch to the new semester. Ask the Lord to help our professors teach with passion and excellence. Ask the Lord to give students an eagerness to learn and change. Pray we would continue to sense God’s presence on campus!
  1. Timg_1581he remodelling work on the Student Centre is progressing well. The structural changes have been made, painting finished and flooring put down. Currently work is being done to add new lighting and décor. The furniture (booths, chairs, fireplace) is scheduled to arrive next week. Pray for a successful completion of the project. THANK YOU to all who gave in our Summer Surge initiative; your gifts have made this significant upgrade to our campus possible!
  1. Linda and I head to Louisville, Kentucky this weekend so she can take her comprehensive exams for the doctor of education program. Preparing for these exams has been a monumental undertaking. Please pray for God’s sustaining grace as she finishes studying and takes the exams (next Monday through Thursday).

Thank you for being part of our prayer support team as we being this New Year. May our Lord guide and guard each of you as you live for Him.


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