Prayer Update September 23, 2016

chapelWe are off to a great start this semester at Heritage. From what I am seeing in classrooms and on campus, I sense the Lord has given us a keen group of new students.  We also have a stellar group of student leaders.

Here are this week’s prayer requests and a personal note of praise.

  1. This past week we’ve had special chapel services as part of our Spiritual Emphasis Week. Pastor Dwayne Cline, from Hughson Street Baptist Church in Hamilton, challenged our students to let the gospel of Christ shape their daily lives. Pray for the ongoing impact of his messages on our students, staff and faculty.
  1. This weekend, Linda teams up with Dr. Margaret Kostenberger to teach a course at Heritage. The class will examine biblical passages related to women serving in ministry. This course is part of the five-course Graduate Certificate for Women in Ministry. Please pray for Margaret and Linda as they teach and for the students as they learn.
  2.  Yesterday I (Rick) received good news from my latest round of blood tests. My PSA levels are still undetectable which means the Lord has allowed me to be cancer free for five years now. We’re giving Him our sincere thanks for this gift of health

Thank you so much for being part of our extended prayer team.  The spiritual impact we long to see in students’ lives will only happen as God does His amazing work.  And God loves to work in response to our prayers!


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