Prayer Update September 30

Before getting to several prayer requests for this week, let me begin by thanking God for answering prayers from last week. The course Linda led last weekend (taught by Dr. Margaret Kostenberger) was deeply appreciated by the fourteen women involved. Also, we continue to sense a receptive, eager spirit on the part of so many of the students God has sent us. They are a delight to teach!

Here are some requests for this weekend and the coming week:

  1. Our incoming Heritage students are involved in an ongoing outreach to the people of Hespeler—the village near our campus. We are teaming up with several local churches to bring the love and light of Christ to the people around us. Pray we would be faithful and fruitful in this outreach initiative.
  1. prayerI’ve begun a series of messages on Prayer in our Tuesday chapels. The next message is entitled, “Praying Jesus’ Way” from Matthew 6:9-13. I’d ask you to pray that God would use this message (and the whole series) to spur us all on to be people devoted to prayer.
  1. Linda is speaking at a women’s retreat this weekend. Her theme is “A Woman’s Whirled.” She’s teaching themes from the book of Ephesians aimed at helping women find stability in Christ in our busy, broken world. Please pray that God will use His word in the lives of the women who attend.

Thank you for labouring with us through your prayers.



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