I once heard about a church custodian who always answered the question, “How are you?” in the same way. “Grateful,” he’d say. “I’m grateful.”

At a conference Linda and I attended recently, we were challenged to intentionally live out the biblical call to gratitude (Colossians 3:15, 17; 1 Thessalonians 5:17).

We have just returned from a lengthy road trip: 15 States in 18 days. All along the journey, we experienced God’s goodness and want to express our gratitude. Here are three highlights of God’s goodness.

Michael and Elena’s Wedding


We drove into New York city on New Year’s morning and led a walking procession with lanterns through the city to the Rehearsal dinner that evening at a Brooklyn restaurant.   The wedding celebration for our son Michael and his new bride, Elena, on January 2nd was wonderful—honouring to God and joyful for all of us.   After the wedding we drove to Lancaster, PA to spend a day with our oldest son, Ryan and his new bride Jenny (they were married in October).

Seminary Presidents Conference

After the wedding, we continued driving south to Sarasota, Florida to be part of the Fellowship of Evangelical Seminary’s Presidents and Wives annual gathering. We’re grateful to God for letting us get to know others who lead seminaries in North America. We were refreshed by the conversations and presentations.

Southern Seminary

From Sarasota we drove north to Louisville, Kentucky and spent a week on the campus of Southern Seminary. Linda was in class each day working on a doctorate in education. I had the privilege of studying, writing and meeting with leaders from Southern. We are grateful for God’s grace—Linda finished her papers and presentations; I profited greatly from the time to plan and prepare for the coming semester.

Home Again 

When I turned in the rental car today, the odometer said we’d driven 5,495 km. We’re grateful to God for good weather, safe travels and the joy of being home again.   We’re also grateful to serve the Lord here in Canada at Heritage!






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  1. Dear Linda: Thank you so much for the Christmas letter! I just met with Deanne and Cynthia and shared it with them. God is doing amazing things in your life…I pray for His continued blessing on your life and beautiful family. How wonderful to have 2 new lovely daughter in laws! Your family is growing! It just gets better and better, trust me!
    Would LOVE to see you in June…just let me know and I will MAKE time to visit with you. Deanne has to come to Lynden again in April, so will not be here again in June. We will let Esther and Marlys know just in case it works out for them.
    All is well here. God is so good and so faithful. I will never forget the song that was sung at your sister Cathy’s funeral…Greatly blessed…highly favored…forgiven child of God.
    Love you my dear friend! Looking forward to a good visit with you this year.

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