His Sovereignty Rules Over All

A recent visit to Ottawa raised the question: “Had I been writing any blog posts?”   I haven’t written for a long time, sensing this was Rick’s role as President.  I have been writing class papers for courses at Heritage:  Moral Theology, Post Exilic Prophets and Theology of Gender.    They’ve been amazing, and have kept me busy.

Teaching ESL (English as a Second Language) has also kept me busy.  This week, our ESL topic was “fate.” We discussed: “Does life just happen…or is there someone or something  that controls everything?”  It made me think of a Summer Sovereignty:

Seven years ago this summer, our family was headed to Syracuse (from Ottawa).  That morning, in my devotional time, I’d shot up a prayer: “Lord, I’d love to see Zac and Mel’s baby.”  Zac and Mel were also headed to Syracuse with their new baby, just eight days old.  Little Ellie’s parents were starting a new church ministry, and we all wanted to meet her.  Knowing we were both on the same highway at nearly the same time, I’d prayed we’d somehow meet.

We were both to leave between 8 and 10 a.m.   Just before leaving, my husband thought that perhaps a rental car was more reliable — an hour later, we headed to a rental agency.  Completing the paperwork, we “stopped by the church for a minute.”  A senior was there – and “could we let him in?”  This set off the security alarms; a much greater delay.

Breakfast had been scanty, so a stop at Tim Horton’s was requested. Bathrooms and vending machines beckoned, and our daughter stood for ages waiting for a bagel (the first of which had fallen to the floor).  Frustration for everyone!

My faithful husband safely drove the speed limit.  Arriving at the Thousand Islands Border Crossborder crossing (one of the 10 most used between the US and Canada), eight crowded lanes of traffic were waved either right or left of the building.  At the white line to move ahead to the customs agent, my husband rolled down his window, only to hear our names called.   There, by the sovereignty of Almighty God was Zac and Mel, parallel with us; a lane away.  Due to an unexpected visitor, we had arrived at the very same moment to the very same place.

I marvel at a God who was answering prayer in each delay.  Every detail was His timing – a rental car, an alarm, a bagel toasted twice, the speed limit obeyed, in order to put us exactly where we needed to be on time! His time!

Could it be that sometimes when we pray, we are frustrated with His delay? Not today, or tomorrow, it seems.   Only in the end to realize that we have received all that we asked for and exactly on time.  Let’s pray — believing in the sovereignty of God as we enjoy the summertime!

“His sovereignty rules over all.”  Psalm 103: 19

For a beautiful musical reminder of this truth, listen to Chris Tomlin’s song:  Sovereign



  1. I have to “ditto” the above reply Linda. I came to your blog today to “check in” and see how things are going for you and Rick and was glad to be reminded of God’s sovereignty and that He is the God of details. I have been encouraged to continue to lift before God, in patience and trust, those concerns for which answers seem long in coming. Thanks! God bless.

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