Praise and Prayer Update (November 4, 2022)

Linda and I spent ten days on the West Coast recently. We attended the annual SPCE Conference (Society for Professors in Christian Education) in San Diego. The theme of this year’s conference was how Christian Colleges and Universities can better serve the Church. It was inspiring and encouraging as this is a passion area for us at Heritage.

We also took in part of the Finishing the Task Conference in Los Angeles. Once again, we were inspired by the focus of this conference: getting the gospel to the least reached people on the planet. One of the joys of this conference was meeting ministry leaders from around the world!

In addition to the conferences, we enjoyed some quiet days along the beautiful coastline of California. It was wonderful to slow down and enjoy time together walking the quiet beaches near Carlsbad, California.

Now we are back in the swing of things here at Heritage. So let me offer a few key prayer requests for the coming week.

Local Outreach Week. Next week will be our Local Outreach Emphasis week. We will focus on the need to bring the good news of Christ to those all around us. I’m heartened that many Heritage students have already become engaged in this important work. My prayer is that God would use this week to fan the flame of gospel outreach at Heritage. Please pray for an impactful week as students hear chapel messages on evangelism and engage in community outreach.

ESL Outreach. Linda leads the ESL ministry (English as a Second Language) at Heritage. She trains students to teach and lead ESL classes for new Canadians. Our desire is to bring them help with English but also to bring them hope through Christ Jesus. Please pray for Linda and the team as they engage with ESL students and point them to the love of Christ.

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