Praise and Prayer Update (September 30, 2022)

This has been a full week of wonderful teaching opportunities for both Linda and me. We have several more this weekend and next week. So this morning will be a time for study and preparation. However, I still wanted to pass along a few praise and prayer items. I’m grateful for all of you who help sustain through your prayers.

We’ve seen God’s gracious answers to the prayers I gave you last week. The preaching/teaching times last Sunday and in our Tuesday chapels were rich times in God’s Word and in His Presence. Also, Kirsha has started to make some progress in the long road towards full healing. We thank the Lord for hearing and answering.

This weekend, I would ask you to pray for these requests:

Sunday Ministry: On Sunday, I (Rick) have the joy of preaching at two services: the morning worship service for James North Baptist Church and the afternoon worship service for the Karen Baptist Church (believers from Myanmar). Please prayer for spiritual strength and ministry impact.

Seminary Building: We are continuing the process of designing a new home for Heritage Theological Seminary. This is a challenging season to build and we need God’s grace as we make plans that fit into the project budget for the facility. Please pray for wisdom as we make decisions and move forward.

Reaching the World Class. Next Friday and Saturday, Linda and I teach a course called Reaching the World: Local, National, and Global Evangelism. Please ask the Lord to make this a very strategic class for each student who takes it. By the way, you can audit the class and watch it online if you want to be part of it. More information can be found here.

Thank you for praying for us!

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