Praise and Prayer Update (September 23, 2022)

As we come to the end of another week at Heritage, we have many reasons to give thanks to the Lord. As Psalm 33:1 exclaims, “Shout for joy in the Lord, O you righteous. Praise befits the upright.”

I’m grateful to God for the Spiritual Life Emphasis chapels we had this Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. And for the excellent time our Heritage Board had recently at our annual retreat. I’m also thankful for the way our first year students are making friends and adjusting to life at Heritage. Thank YOU for praying for us. The Lord is answering prayers on our behalf.

Here are some requests for this weekend and the coming week.

Sunday Ministry: This weekend, Linda and I are at Wallenstein Bible Chapel. I preach in the Sunday morning service. In the evening, Linda speaks to the young adult women and I address the young adult men. Please pray that the Lord will use HIs Word to impact lives for Christ.

Heritage Chapels: Next week, I begin a new series in our Tuesday chapels. The series of messages focuses on how we are called to live in light of eternity. Pray that all of us would gain an eternal perspective on our lives that shapes how we live each day.

Heritage Staff and Faculty Members: Please continue to pray for several of our staff who are in need of God’s healing touch. Kirsha MacLeod-Fitzgerald, Mark and Theresa Beach, Dr. Stan and Donna Fowler. Ask the Lord to comfort their hearts and strengthen their bodies. These are dear friends and key colleagues at Heritage. (I’ll post an update from the Fowlers below)

Thank you for praying!

Update from Stan and Donna Fowler:

“Stan is happy in our new home. He enjoys going out every day in his wheelchair and meeting new people and their dogs. He has a wonderful sense of humour. He reads, listens to music, and follows friends on Facebook. He now very much enjoys eating regular food. He loves going to church, enjoying the music, mouthing the words, and seeing familiar faces. Of course, he enjoys watching ALL his sports teams. He communicates with gestures and a photo communication book. He has regular physiotherapy and will hopefully have private speech/language therapy. He is definitely getting stronger all the time. God has brought him a long way in this journey. At the beginning of his stroke, no one thought he would be where he is today. We are very thankful. God is good.”

 Please continue to pray for Dr. Fowler, his wife Donna, and their family.

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