Praise and Prayer Update (December 17, 2021)

This week marks the end of classes and final exams at Heritage. You can see the joy and relief in students as they successfully complete their courses and get ready to head home for Christmas.

Yesterday, we hosted our staff and faculty to a Christmas lunch (delicious Chinese food) and sent them home with a frozen turkey! It’s a time to celebrate God’s goodness in bringing us safely through the semester. We’ve still not had any active cases of COVID on campus. That’s the grace of God in action. Join me in praising the Lord for His goodness.

Let me give several prayer requests to finish the semester:

Pray for Heritage students, staff, and faculty to have a spiritually refreshing, happy, and healthy Christmas break. Ask the Lord to let us all rejoice in Him and point people around us to Christ.

Pray for our a good response to our CHristmas newsletter. The generosity of God’s people is vital to the work of the school. Here’s a digital copy of the Christmas newsletter. It contains an article I wrote called The Poppy, the Poinsettia, and Heritage. It also highlights the story of God’s work in some of our students: Tori who serves with Linda in the ESL ministry, and Klosay who is training to be a pastor for the Karen people (from Myanmar) in Canada.

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