Prepare the Way

“Prepare the Die.”  That’s what he said. 

I (Linda) had asked, “What is your greatest burden?”

This young man, still learning English, tried with gestures and simple English to explain his greatest burden was “what will happen when I die?” 

There’s no doubt that thousands of people, from all over the world, are wondering at times like these: “what will happen when (or if) I did? 

Canadian musician, Matt Maher, sings:    

Breaking the silence, into the chaos you came
Born in our likeness, held in the hands that you made
For our deliverance, Your promise was given a name

Emmanuel, the God who saves
I hear a voice from Heaven declare
“Prepare the way”

Emmanuel, oh praise the name
I hear the sound, Heaven cried out
And love made a way , Christmas was born on that day

As it is written, Jesus, the glory of God
No reputation, you took on our flesh and blood
For our forgiveness
And for the world you so loved

Emmanuel, the God who saves
I hear a voice from Heaven declare

“Prepare the way”

We need to answer the question:  “What will happen when I die?” 

Our world, quietly and at home, is asking this question.  Oh, not everyone.  But those whom He has chosen from every tribe, nation, and tongue are quietly wringing their hands waiting for someone who will “prepare the way.”  Is that person you?

This coming Sunday, December 12, we plan to host an Internationals Christmas event.  Pray that God will “prepare the way” through lovely winter weather perfect for outside caroling, lights, and candles.  Pray for Heritage students as they “prepare the way” through songs and hospitality.  Pray that Rick’s message will clearly explain how to “prepare to die.”

We are preparing the way.  Pray, like those wisemen of old, they will sense the leading of God to be inconvenienced and cold to accept this invitation to “come.”  To the event.  To come to Christ. 

“Come to me, all you who are burdened and heavy laden, and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28).

There are so many around us, our children, grandchildren, neighbours, family, or friends who need the message of the gospel.  May God use you, and me, to “prepare the way.”

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