Praise and Prayer Update (October 29, 2021)

In my last Praise and Prayer Update, I asked for prayer as Linda and I traveled to see each of our kids and grandkids. Thank you for praying for us! We covered a lot of ground (close to 4000 km) and spent time with each family member. What a joy it was to spend extended time with each of our three grandchildren; since they live at a distance, we don’t get to see them as much as we would like!

Now that Reading Week is over, classes are now back in full swing. I sense a great spirit on campus. Yesterday, one first-year student told me that she has felt very welcomed and included at Heritage. That’s an answer to our prayers and a reason to rejoice.

Here are several key requests for the coming days.

Linda teaches all day today (Friday) in a course on “Developing Life Changing Bible Study Curriculum.” Today the women she teaches present and test-drive Bible studies that they have written over the past month. Please pray that Linda will coach them well and that each student will get maximum benefit from the class.

I am continuing to preach a series in chapel called “Finding Freedom.” We are making our way through an amazing section of Scripture–Romans 6-8. Would you pray that God would continue to use His Word to help all our students find greater freedom from the sins that trip us up and bring us down.

Our Capital Campaign to build a home for the seminary is now underway. Already, a number of people have made financial commitments to help us reach our goal of $14 million dollars. We currently have $11,750,000 pledged or given. Please pray that the remaining $2 million dollars will come in. (You can read more about this campaign and why it is so strategic for the ministry of the school at

Thanks for praying!

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