Getting Ready for September

Over the summer, Linda and I have enjoyed some time away to visit our kids, grandkids, and mothers. We’ve also taken time to rest and refresh as we look ahead to the coming school year.

As you know, the pandemic has made life challenging for schools (and everyone else!). As our team at Heritage prepares for the coming fall term, I would ask for your prayers for our students, staff, and faculty.

Students: Thank the Lord with us for the new students who have enrolled for this coming year. We are looking forward to having “live” classes on campus that will also be livestreamed for those not present. Please ask the Lord to prepare the heart and mind of each student who will be coming to Heritage. We want this to be a highly impactful year that shapes each student for a lifetime of following and serving Christ.

Students: Please ask the Lord to continue to direct students our way. We still have room for additional college or seminary students who want to invest a year (or more) getting equipped for life and ministry. If you know someone who should come to Heritage this fall, please let me know and our team will reach out to them.

Staff: Our staff serve our students and faculty in a variety of important ways. Ask the Lord to prepare and protect them as come on campus to serve.

Faculty: Please pray for our professors who will be teaching courses “live” and also have students online at the same time. This requires extra effort and skill to do well. Ask the Lord to give them grace to continue to provide excellent instruction.

THANK YOU for praying with us and for us!

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