Adoniram Judson’s Wondrous Story

Want to read a thrilling, page-turner this summer?

Then pick up a copy of To The Golden Shore, the gripping biography of Adoniram Judson. Judson was the first Baptist missionary to Burma (modern-day Myanmar). To The Golden Shore recounts the tragedies and triumphs he experienced as he brought the gospel to the Burmese people in the early 19th century.

It’s hard to exaggerate the adventures and dangers he lived through. Arrested for being a British spy (which he wasn’t), he was imprisoned and tortured for almost two years. In spite of great hardship and loss, he persevered to translate the Bible into Burmese, compiled an English-Burmese dictionary, planted many churches, and saw thousands of people trust in Christ for salvation.

When Judson returned to the United States after being away for over thirty years, he was greeted as a hero. People flocked to hear stories of his life and ministry.

Judson had a favourite story he loved to tell the crowds that came to hear him speak. The story he chose to tell them came as a surprise to some of his listeners.

In a recent podcast episode of Preacher to Preacher, I tell the story of Judson’s favourite story. Though he had many stories to choose from, he kept returning to this one.

You can listen to it here. (Look for the episode “Preaching the Best Story of All”)

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