That’s A Good Question eBook

Most people have spiritual questions. They may wonder about the meaning of life. They may have questions about whether God really exists. Or how to make sense of suffering.

That’s a Good Question is an eBook that addresses these good questions–and many more.

When we lived in Ottawa, I was a regular contributor to a weekly column in the Ottawa Citizen newspaper. The column was called “Ask the Religion Experts” and it dealt with questions submitted by readers of the newspaper. I had the privilege and the challenge of giving short (300 word) answers to some very complex questions. I could not provide a full answer to the questions submitted; my aim was to point people towards an answer that came from the Bible and centered on the good news of Christ Jesus.

We’ve just completed an eBook that contains answers to 25 of the good questions that were originally printed in the Ottawa Citizen column.

I hope this eBook will be a helpful resource for you.

I’d also like to encourage you to send it to a friend, family member, neighbour, or colleague. Ask them to look it over and explore any questions they find interesting. It may help you begin a good conversation about spiritual realities with someone you know and love.

Click here to read or download an eBook of That’s A Good Question.

Click here to read or download a Flipbook copy of That’s A Good Question.

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