Praise and Prayer Update (December 4, 2020)

Last evening, we heard a knock on our door. I opened it to see a group of Heritage students standing (socially distanced) in our driveway. They were out in the neighbourhoods around the school singing Christmas carols. After they sang to us, they went to each of our neighbours homes and sang the message of Christmas to them. I could see some of our neighbours talking with them and taking pictures. It’s not often you have Christmas carollers at your door–especially in a pandemic. But these students were bringing the joyful message of Christmas to those near the school. The coming of a Saviour is indeed “good news of great joy” (Luke 2:10).

We are praising the Lord for continuing to strengthen and sustain Heritage. I am grateful to the Lord for allowing us to stay COVID-free all semester. I’m also grateful for students who bring the good new of Christ to people around us!

Here are several important prayer requests I’d ask you to remember when you pray for the school.

Ask the Lord to help our students finish the semester well. At this point in the school year, everyone is growing tired. The pandemic has only exacerbated the weariness we are feeling. Please ask the Lord to give students (and professors) strength and grace to complete assignments and final exams. Pray that what they study would shape their lives and prepare them for His service.

Pray for Pastor Jamie and Vanessa Strickland. Jamie, who is a grad of Heritage, serves as a pastor at West Highland Baptist Church in Hamilton. On Tuesday, their eleven year old son, Jude, was hit by a truck as he walked in a crosswalk. Yesterday, we received word that Jude never recovered. The Lord took him Home. Our hearts break for the Strickland family as we lament with them. We also hold on the hope of resurrection and reunion that is promised to all who have put their faith in Christ (as Jude had). So we grieve, but not without hope (1 Thessalonians 4:13-18). Please pray for God’s nearness and comfort for the Strickland family and all those who grieve.

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