Praise and Prayer Update (November 27,2020)

One of the blessings of being dual citizens of both Canada and the US is that we get to enjoy two Thanksgiving celebrations. Linda and I celebrated US Thanksgiving yesterday and found many reasons to thank God. Here are some of those reasons that relate to God’s goodness to Heritage College and Seminary.

  • We are thankful to God for bringing us to the end of November without any known cases of COVID on campus.
  • We are thankful for students who show an eagerness to grow as disciples and witnesses for Christ Jesus.
  • We are thankful for sensing God’s Spirit working in lives through Heritage courses. We’ve sensed the Lord is working in hearts and lives in spite of (or even because of) the pandemic.
  • We are thankful for the privilege of investing our lives training a new generation of spiritual leaders. Linda has found joy in training Heritage students to reach out with God’s love and truth through teaching English as a Second Language. I’ve been energized by the young preachers I’m teaching this semester in Homiletics courses. We both have been thrilled by the response to the Reaching the World Course we are co-teaching.

As we move into December, here are several prayer requests we’d ask you to remember when you pray for us.

  1. Please pray that Heritage students, faculty, and staff finish the semester spiritually strong and physically healthy. The last few weeks of a semester always bring greater pressure. Pray for God’s strength to carry us all through.

2. Pray as our students actively engage in sharing the good news of Christ in the community. Pray for open doors (Col 4:3) and open hearts (Acts 16:14).

3. Next week, I (Rick) am scheduled to film several video projects (outdoors!). Please pray for God’s grace in allowing these projects to be done well to further the work of the school and the advance of the gospel.

We are THANKFUL for your prayers!

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