Leading the Lethargic

Group of tired young people sitting and sleeping over yellow background

A few years ago, I studied through the book of Joshua, chapter by chapter. The first half of the book was action-packed and adventure-filled. Joshua and the Israelite armies confront coalitions of Canaanite kings in a series of battles. The narrative moves at a face pace, one challenge after another.

Then you come to chapter 13.

Suddenly, the action grinds to a halt. Having conquered the Promised Land, the Israelites suddenly lose momentum and motivation. Instead of spreading out and taking possession of their new territory, the people of Israel huddle together and hunker down.

As a reader, it’s easy to lose interest at this point in the book. The first twelve chapters rushed by in rapid succession. The final twelve chapters (13-24) seem to go in slow motion. Or no motion. At first glance, the back half of the book of Joshua seems far less engaging than the front half.

Until you take a closer look.

Upon closer inspection, you begin to see that the final twelve chapters showcase Joshua as a godly, wise leader. It’s one thing to lead people when they are fired up and ready to go. It’s another to lead a group that’s intent on staying put. In the final twelve chapters, we see some of Joshua’s finest leadership moments as he is used by God to get a stalled people unstuck and moving forward.

All of us who are entrusted with leading a group of God’s people–whether that group is our family, a church ministry or a school–will at some point find ourselves in the back half of the book of Joshua. We will be tasked with trying to lead those who aren’t eager to be led anywhere.

In Joshua 13-24, I’m convinced God has embedded some important lessons for all who are called to lead the lethargic.

I’ve highlighted some of the lessons I learned from Joshua 13-24 in a new eBook entitled, Leading the Lethargic.

You can download a Flipbook copy of the eBook here. Or you can download a PDF copy here.

My hope is that this eBook gets you looking deeper into God’s Book, the Bible. As you do, I believe you will be encouraged and equipped by Joshua’s example for the leadership role God entrusts to you.

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