Praise and Prayer Update (June 29, 2020)

Man prays to God

I’m writing with a joyful heart to give thanks and praise to God for His faithfulness and goodness.

For Heritage, as for many ministries, this has been a challenging season. We had to make a number of rapid changes to adjust to new realities. We moved all of our summer courses online. We downsized our staff, making the painful decision to issue some layoffs. We tightened our belt financially, seeking to save as much as possible. Most of all, we prayed. Each week our faculty and staff gathered online to pour out our hearts to God. We thanked Him for His fatherly care and asked for daily bread.

Tomorrow marks the end of our fiscal year. Just a few weeks ago, we weren’t sure we would end the year in a solid place. But due to the generosity of individuals and local churches as well as the financial aid we received from the government, I’m happy to report Heritage will finish the fiscal year well. Praise the Lord.

There will assuredly be some tough times ahead, but we have confidence that our Lord will guide and provide.

Here are few praise and prayer requests I’d ask you to remember.

  1. Praise the Lord for moving in the hearts of many friends of the school and partner churches to provide our financial needs this spring.
  2. Pray for our preparations for the Fall semester. We have another good group of students who have been accepted to start this Fall at the college and the seminary. Pray they will choose to take courses in spite of the uncertainties we all live with.
  3. Pray for our Leadership Team, faculty and staff to get some much needed rest in July. Many of us are a bit winded now. We need God’s refuelling as we anticipate a busy fall.

Thank you for supporting us through your prayers!

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