The Yearly Reeder 2019

As we launch into 2020, here’s our Yearly Reeder for 2019.

Our year, like so many of yours, had heartaches and happiness – with moments of “Hallelujah.”  That’s the way it ended.  But we will start at the top.

Pic 3January began in Washington state with a trip to bring together our children and grandchild to meet the great grandmothers on the West Coast. The winter semester at Heritage College and Seminary was filled with teaching, writing, and speaking until we shared another joyful graduation with the Heritage students.

In the midst of these busy times, we learned that Ryan and Jenny had lost the baby they anticipated.  They named the little one, Zion, and our heart still aches for this loss for them and for us.  In May, Ryan graduated from the University of Toronto and we all joyfully celebrated the completion of his PhD.

In late May, we learned that Michael and Elena were expecting their first child.  We shared their happiness with treats for all, though Elena wasn’t feeling so swell at that moment.  In early summer, we traveled to the West coast visit missionaries in Mexico, and we had the incredible privilege of visiting the two churches we had served in California.  The ocean breezes, blue skies, and faithful friends in California brought out our “hallelujahs.”

Over the summer we rejoiced with Lindsey when she was hired as a social worker at an Ottawa hospital. In July, through friends with a backhoe, we began to replace our back patio.    We were still working many Saturdays into August to get it done before our first September student reception.  We hope to enjoy many happy gatherings outdoors.

The fall took on a life of its own – it was just overly full.   Linda returned to her linguistic training adding a TESOL (Teaching English as a Second Language) class to the courses she was already teaching.  Rick’s preaching courses grew as well.  His new book, The Heart of the Preacher, was released in October.

A tremendous blessing was the final payment on October 1st of a school debt of 3.7 million dollars!  The conclusion to the “demolish the debt” campaign was nothing but “Hallelujah!”  During this same time period, some very generous donors designated funds to build a new seminary building.  It’s over the top.

We’ve just returned, this December, from visiting our moms again (still both great-grandmas) with a chance to hear the Messiah in Seattle.  It still amazes us to see everyone stand for the “Hallelujah” chorus (“and He shall reign forever and ever. . . “)  That’s the way it will be.

Picture4But the stunning close to the year was the birth of Fia Marie Dugan Reed just a few hours before the clock struck midnight on December 31st.   It’s happy and hallelujah (and a bit of heartache that we are so far away from Trenton, NJ) all at once!

Thank you to so many of you who have sent along your updates.  We rejoice with those who rejoice (for several of you who recovered from cancer) and we weep with those who weep (for loved ones).

May our hearts still rise to the Hallelujah chorus at the end of every year.  He will wipe away every tear from our eyes, and He will reign, forever and ever.

Happy New Year from Rick and Linda Reed.

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